MH Runners Club Webinars

MH Runners Club offers a webinar on a specific running topic each month. These webinars are available free to MH Runners Club members (click here to find out more about membership), along with all previous webinars.
You can also sign up to the webinars on a pay-per-view basis through Eventbrite.  This costs £4.99 per webinar, which includes the presentation, a live question and answer session straight after (so that you can get any specific questions you have answered) and any resources specific to that webinar*.

  • May Webinar: How to train for a marathon
  • 7pm on Thursday 20th May
  • Topics to be covered:
    Getting the basics right (including form)
    Motivation and mindset
    Building strength & reducing injury risk
    Nutrition for marathoners
    Increasing mileage and progressive overload
    Going further / getting faster (making the most of the long run)
    Peaking at the right time
    Reasons or excuses?

    Followed by live Q&A

  • June Webinar: Running a faster 5k
  • 7pm on Thursday 17th June
  • Celebrating the return of parkrun, this webinar is aimed at beginner or improver runners who want to run a faster 5k.

    Whatever your starting point, this webinar will give you some great ideas on how to get faster and beat your time goal, whether training for parkrun, a 5k race or your own time trial.

    Get advice and guidance from an experienced runner and coach with a 16.59 5k PB, and the opportunity to ask Martin your own specific questions afterwards.

  • MH Runners Club Membership
  • Access all webinars past and present
  • Join the club for all webinars, as well as S&C workouts, weekly Q&A sessions and more.
    Previous webinars available include “Maintaining Pace and Form on Long Runs” and “Nutrition for Runners”
    – View the introductory video HERE.
    -Try a sample workout HERE.
    – Have a look at a running form session HERE.
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* Before purchasing your ticket to the webinar, please note the following:

  1. Pay-per-view webinars must be watched live – they are not available to view in retrospect unless you are a member of the MH Runners Club. Please make sure you’re available at the time above.
  2. Any presentation or powerpoint slides will not be available as part of the resources.
  3. Q&A will finish after about an hour. If you have any further questions after that, these can be emailed to

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy the webinar.