MH Runners Club Webinars

MH Runners Club offers regular webinars on specific running topics. These webinars are available free to MH Runners Club members (click here to find out more about membership), along with all previous webinars, or you can sign up on a pay-per-view basis through Eventbrite.
If we don’t have any webinars scheduled, you can view previous webinars through MH Runners Club, or join in with our live weekly Q&A sessions and ask Martin, experienced running coach, any questions you may have on any running topic.

* Before purchasing your ticket to the webinar, please note the following:

  1. Pay-per-view webinars must be watched live – they are not available to view in retrospect unless you are a member of the MH Runners Club. Please make sure you’re available at the time above.
  2. Any presentation or powerpoint slides will not be available as part of the resources.
  3. Q&A will finish after about an hour. If you have any further questions after that, these can be emailed to

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy the webinar.

  • Runners Q&A Sessions
  • Every Thursday – 7pm
  • Due to popular demand, this month’s webinar has been postponed and replaced with extra Q&A sessions to support runners in their up-coming marathons and other races.

    Come and join the Q&A sessions in MH Runners Club, get your questions answered by an experienced running coach, with answers personalised to you and your running.

  • Access All Webinars!
  • Access all webinars, past and present
  • View any of our past webinars when you become a club member. Coach Martin gives you detailed information on the following topics, and you can ask your own questions in the weekly live Q&A sessions afterwards.

    Maintaining Pace and Form on the Long Run
    Nutrition for Runners
    How to Run a Marathon
    Running a Faster 5k or 10k
    Trail Running for Beginners
    Strength and Conditioning for Runners
  • MH Runners Club Membership
  • Coaching support whilst following your own plan…
  • Join the club for twice weekly S&C workouts, weekly coaching tips, weekly Q&A sessions, a back library of webinars and workouts, and more. Its the perfect opportunity to get expert coaching advice whilst following your own plan, as well as the support of a community group.

    The first 7 days of membership are free, you won’t be charged, can access all the content and leave at any point if you don’t find it useful (but we’re sure you will!)

    If you want to find out more about the club before signing up, join our free Facebook community HERE. or follow our Instagram account @mhrunnersclub

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