MH Runners Club

MH Runners Club provides guidance, support and resources with the aim of helping any runner improve, regardless of your starting point.
The club is full of informative content and advice from a qualified and experienced coach,

personal trainer and runner, that will help you become a better runner.
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  • What is MH Runners Club?
  • The club provides coach-led support, guidance and workouts for just £9.99 a month:
    – Weekly S&C workouts and
    “Ask the Coach” sessions
    – Topic webinars with Q&A
    – Community support through FB, Strava and meet ups.

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  • May Webinar: How to train for a marathon
  • Thurs 20th May, 7pm: “How to train for a marathon” webinar

    Topics will include: improving form, nutrition, going further and faster, building strength, peaking, excuses v. reasons and more…

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  • Questions of the week:
  • “How important is strength and conditioning to runners?”

    “Do warm ups and cool downs really matter?”

    Full answers on last week’s “Ask The Coach” session…Get your running questions answered every Thursday!

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  • Want to know more?
  • Check out some of these links for a sample of what is available in the club:

    – View the introductory video HERE.
    -Try a sample workout HERE.
    – Have a look at a running form session HERE.
    – Join our free Facebook community to find out what other runners are saying about the club HERE.