Love Your Body

You don’t have to have what society perceives as the ‘perfect’ body to love it; or at least love bits of it.

To do this may take some work on your mindset, but the more you adjust your mind, the more you’ll feel at home in your body and the more you’ll want to move it. Then life gets better all round.



There will be someone who envies parts of your body that you dislike. They probably won’t tell you; people don’t often offer compliments on the bodies of others, but for every part of your body you dislike, someone will want it.

Other people will see you as more beautiful that you see yourself. Your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend and friends; borrow their eyes (metaphorically only please) and make a mindset change.

If someone has programmed you with negative feelings about yourself; they are wrong. Were they an ex (hopefully)? You decide how you should feel about yourself, not somebody else. Delete those files from your brain.

Find one good thing to say about each part of your body that you currently dislike.   If you don’t like your bum, think that it helps you to squat more. If you don’t like your stomach, think of it as a soft place for a baby to nap. Use anything you can, it doesn’t, and probably shouldn’t, be about the look. You can’t change your body as quick as you can change your mind. Take advantage of this and make a change.

Working-out works better for your mind than complaining; so get up and get moving. If you’re out of breath, however hard you are working, it is harder to get down on yourself. Go for a walk, a run or just do some exercises and let the movements change your thoughts. Appreciate that your body is getting you moving while those that you perceive have ‘better’ bodies can’t do the same.

What looks good on every body type? Happiness. Happiness looks good on everyone. Find out what makes you truly happy and your body image will improve as well. Eckhart Tolle wrote in “The Power of Now”, ‘if you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place’.


Remember that you are not alone. Nobody has avoided body image issues all of their life. We all struggle at some point. Talk to other people. Seek out those that have a sparkle in their eyes and seem to be enjoying their life. They can, and will, help.

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